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Time lapse video of Earth by NASA Satellites/Spacestation
Absolutely Beautiful.

I love this series – my favourite – Ladybug
Latest episode

Had a big day planned today, went to bed early but sometime after 1am this morning I heard a screeching of tyres on the main road that I live on,
 you could hear the driver fighting to control the car, silence then Bang. Looked out and the car had crashed into the power pole outside
four youths got out of the car… then they ran off. No Power. Grabbed the mobile and called police who sent fire truck and informed the electric co.
 Police arrived sometime later. Met some neighbours. lol.


Uh Oh

Firemen checking for fuel leaks.

Emergency crew restoring power.

Ok. I’m great fan of Gotye,
 so I found this vid taken at Peats Ridge Music Festival
held north of Sydney – 29nd December, 2011 to 1st January, 2012 
New Years Eve countdown to 2012
He starts on the drums before coming front of stage to perform.
 Fans are a bit noisy but fun.

to raise funds in the fight against cancer.
A local single’s group raised $130.00 hosting a morning tea with
 more money donated online.
It’s a fun way to raise money for cancer research, prevention
 and support services for cancer patients and their families.

Lucky Door prizes.

Unfortunately,I didn’t win anything but the food was delicious. 🙂

A beautiful finish to a cold day.

Tuggerah, Central Coast, NSW

Mothers Day 2012
Mothers Day 2012

My youngest son, Michael was born 28 years ago on Mothers Day.
He remembers getting annoyed one year
 because he had to share one of his birthdays on Mothers Day.
Michael Mothers Day 2012

Best place to be on a cold Autumn Day

Happy Birthday, Mila

Darling Grand-daughter