A Sunday in my Life.
Up early today to give the dogs a bath.

Made myself a toasted banana sandwich for breakfast.

Washed my work clothes and my new doona cover.

Spent a hour getting my work roster up to date
 and entered in work diary.

Having a good day today, considering I was awake half the night. Ended up getting up at 1am, wandering around the house, restless, walked into the 3rd bedroom which was a mess, wandered out to the kitchen grabbed the roll of garbage bags … 2 hours later, 3 bags of old/unused clothing and general clutter accumulated. Photo albums returned to their plastic containers,  books returned to bookshelf in lounge, ironing board which I hadn’t used for a couple of weeks folded up and returned to its place behind the door.

First thing in the morning was a trip to the post office to send off a belated Christmas present which had been left behind on Christmas day. Then round to the Salvos store to drop off the bags of clothing/clutter. Then to pick up my roster as I am returning to work tomorrow, new roster not in box so home again and on the phone to office to find out roster for tomorrow and have the rest of week’s roster posted out to me. 

Tomorrow’s roster included a client I had already put in 2 separate hazard forms concerning her dog – aggressive, and had lunged at me 3 times when I was last in the house.  I asked the roster co-ordinator to put me through to the manager so I could have a ‘chat’ about why the client was still on my roster. The manager, a lovely lady who I have had previous chats with over this dog, immediately removed client from my roster and will go out and see the client herself as I had expressed my fears that the dog might turn on the client, herself.

During the conversation with the manager I bought up the matter of extra hours which I had requested in writing, some 6 months ago. She informed me she will be going through the request for extra hours within the next two weeks and was just waiting till the new year’s budget was decided. My request is now top of the pile with a big Urgent sticker on top, 🙂 we discussed how much work I could handle and settle on an extra 9 hours a week after I mentioned that my house needed new gutters but before they were replaced, trees to close to the house had to be removed. Before finishing the call the manager suggested I give her a ring in two weeks time as a reminder.

I am sitting here now thinking I should celebrate or something as I seem to have achieved more in the last 12 hours than I have in a long while. Maybe the 2 weeks break from work has energised me.

Bring on tomorrow.

I had problems with an aged client but after reading my report my supervisor and the manager had a meeting and have now removed client from our service. Client will now be outsourced to a private agency.
My health (stress) and safety (manual handling) were at risk. I have been an aged care field worker for 8 years, I work 5 days a week so have extensive experience working with the elderly, frail and disabled. I have had dementia care training and I have always been able negotiate with difficult clients but this lady I could not come to a common ground to work with.
Thankfully, as a team rep in branch meetings I have had contact with our manager and she listened and acted when I have expressed concern on OHS issues in the our field work/workplace.

Recovering from a very stressful week
Network under stress Pictures, Images and Photos

so will be having a quiet Saturday.
Tomorrow, I will be writing work reports to be sent into office.

Two weeks ago I lent my neighbour from over the back fence my little Ryobi chainsaw to help prune some of his trees. We discussed thinning out the tree in my yard as he wanted to put in a vegetable garden on his side of the fence and my tree gave too much shade.

Last evening just before dark, my neighbour decided to prune the tree. Well, the first I heard was my dog Bailey having hysterics and barking his head off. Now, who in their right mind starts hacking at a tree in the dim light, I was absolutely flabbergasted, he couldn’t wait till the weekend. There was no way I was going to let him anywhere near my Ryobi , so I had to pretend not to hear Bailey’s yapping but after 15 minutes I had had enough and bellowed – “Shut up, Bailey”. I don’t know who got the bigger shock the neighbour(s), my dog or myself at the volume I was able to achieve. LOL.
I was thinking about this (out of character) reaction today, and realised it may have been the result of what had happen earlier in the day.
I had gone into a clients house and the first thing she showed me was the fencing guy repairing her back fence which her neighbour had back into and damaged, so she had a whinge about that and then mentioned her washing machine had been playing up and she would have to get her son to look at it.
Okay, so I head off to do some work in the house when I hear the machine running a little rough so I wander out to the laundry and find the client pulling some wet clothes out of the machine because it had stopped running.
Water is dripping on the floor and running under the machine and just as I arrive at the doorway the machine starts to spark, I try to get the client to come away from it but she is getting cranky with me because her machine is broken, wft. How I am to blame I have no idea.
Water is seeping towards the client so I check the floor and then reached over and grabbed the electricity cord and yanked it out of the wall socket. Honestly, you would think she would be thankful I stopped her from getting electrocuted but no, all I got was abuse. Later, after settling the client down I rang my supervisor and she is going to contact the client’s sons and have the client tested for dementia. Personally, I think she is just stressed and grieving as her husband passed away earlier this year.
I am glad this work week is finish as on top of my own hours, I picked up an extra 10 hours work.

On the way to work, today,
I came across this old wooden boat that had seen better days.

Back to work today after having 4 days off last week, first phone call this morning was from work supervisor to say as my leave was for family reasons, then instead of using my annual leave I could use 4 days of my domestic leave. Yay.
Domestic leave is to be used for caring for a sick relative, family death/funeral, etc.
So that means I still have 4 weeks of accumulated annual leave, so my work supervisor will be contacting me soon to take some time off. D’oh!

Contemplating what housework needs to be done
 this Saturdy morning.
(Photo:Tim Burton’s new movie- Alice in Wonderland.)

I had planned on going to the shops to stock up on some groceries but the medication I am on has drained my energy so will spend the day just pottering around the house. The weather is overcast and miserable back to wearing long pants and shirts. I love the freedom that warm weather gives you when you’re not laden down with winter-weight clothes.

I had an appointment today with my doctor to check if I was able to go back to work, after he spent sometime manipulating my shoulder here-there-allover, he decided I need to have xray and scan done to see why there is still some pain in shoulder.

Afterwards,  I had to go into work to fill out an incident form and drop off doctor’s certificate and receipts on monies I had paid for appointment, while I was in the office I had a chat with my supervisor and office manager to discuss my future hours as my contract is coming up for renewal… both very supportive and will wait on results of xray and scan to see how many hours I lose or will be increased (before this problem I had been asked if I would like to have an extra 5 hours a week). was chuffed that at 56 yo I have been offered more hours.lol.

My work is physically demanding and  I don’t want to push myself that eventually I have to retire with injuries/wear’n’tear. Manager said there is a possiblity that if I drop to 5 hours less a week on contract they could still give me relief work to bring it back up to my present workload. So basically its a win/win situation.