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Had a big day planned today, went to bed early but sometime after 1am this morning I heard a screeching of tyres on the main road that I live on,
 you could hear the driver fighting to control the car, silence then Bang. Looked out and the car had crashed into the power pole outside
four youths got out of the car… then they ran off. No Power. Grabbed the mobile and called police who sent fire truck and informed the electric co.
 Police arrived sometime later. Met some neighbours. lol.


Uh Oh

Firemen checking for fuel leaks.

Emergency crew restoring power.

I just spent the weekend catching up with my sisters at my brother’s place, it was the first time we had all gotten together since my brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was great seeing everyone again, my brother enjoyed his weekends catching up.
We went to Dooley’s club at Lidcombe for dinner Friday night. Barramundi and chips. Yum. and Saturday lunch was spent at the Tennis Club on Chisholm -Flounder and chips, this time.

Avoca Beach Clubhouse, today.
The Children’s Rock Pool
One lone surfer sits on the beach observing the waves
In the water are several surfers battling the unruly, churning waves.
We have had extreme torrential rain here on the Coast and it will continue until the weekend. Some areas are flooded and around Tuggerah Lake are sandbag stations to help householders keep the floodwater from entering their properties.

The back yard got done today. Along with general tidying up and getting rid of some rubbish. Tomorrow a trip to the local tip is on the cards after I de-clutter the garage.

Finally, got my lawn mower back from the repair shop. Yay.
The front yard was starting to get a little overgrown. Tomorrow, I’ll tackle the back yard, the weeds and general tidying upl.

It was lovely and sunny winter day, Sunday,
so it was into the garden I ventured.
Two hours later, I had tidied, raked, pruned, weeded and crammed the last lot of greenery into the garden re-cycling bin … then the cold weather rolled in with a rain chaser.
Inside to shower and change into warm clothes, the kettle on and the Tim Tams found, I settled in front of the heater and my LO:Criminal Intent DVDs for a bit of Bobby watching while the storm rolled over the house.
A scratching on the front door and Darcy rushed in,
demanding an early dinner
and a place on the lounge.

I have had a lot of problems signing into Blogger and Goggle today but where there is a will there is a way. Hopped into another blogger site and brought up their com ments page on a post, signed in there , and hey presto I’m in.
Clothes are out on the clothesline enjoying the winter sun

Saturday 12.40am.
Sitting up late watching the Tour de France.
The house is lovely and warm on a cold night.
Darcy is not moving from the lounge… too comfy.
Ooops! Excuse me need to turn my electric blanket on.
One of the downsides of living alone,
there is no-one to warm the bed up for me. lol.

I had the day off today
… didn’t get much done
..cold, wet and miserable day.
I think I may need to make one of those dreaded lists of things to do this winter. Otherwise it will be summer and I will be overwhelmed by jobs to do in the garden.