The ceiling in my bedroom now has a hole in it as a result of the horrendous deluge of rain we have had these past two days in Sydney and the NSW Central Coast. More here
Thank goodness, I was in the lounge room on Twitter reading the Tweets from Ausblogcon2011 when I heard a thump sound, going to investigate I found my carpet and dressing table awash in water and bits of plaster which had fallen from the ceiling. Whoops!.
It looked like the gutters had not been able to handle the amount of water rushing into them and it had backwashed into the ceiling cavity. So calls to SES and my insurance company while trying not to stress (brief meltdown) but it looks like I will be off work tomorrow while I call in a roofer to check roof and plasterer to replace part of the ceiling.
The SES (State Emergency Service) came climbed up on the roof
– no broken tiles –
so cleaned out some of the guttering, no tarp to cover,
let me take their photos, packed up their truck and left.
I have edited this post and put my AusBlogCon2011 post on my other blog. Here

Watching television footage of Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.
Truly horrendous.
Watching a whirlpool developing offshore.
More survivor footage.

We have had a week of extreme heat of 35+ with yesterdays temp of 45C. This afternoon the weather has turned and a slight shower of rain has come to cool things down. Lovely.
Something Different
Thats the way to travel.
This video was found on this wonderful blog.

Great graphic of Cyclone Yasi’s path as it heads towards Mount Isa, tonight
as it passes over Mount Isa it will then continue across the state border
into the Northern Territory and then head towards Alice Springs
“Mining giant Xstrata is evacuating personnel from its operations at Mount Isa and Cloncurry in the face of Cyclone Yasi. Only a handful of essential personnel will remain on site for critical site monitoring activities after 4pm #TCYasi”

Weather bureau downgrades Cyclone Yasi
to a tropical low as it nears Mount Isa.


Cyclone Yasi.
Jo Nova of reports >To give you some idea of just how expansive Yasi is, look at the size of it compared to the continental USA, and the UK just for scale.
More here

Cyclone Yasi to on its way to Northern Queensland
Yasi will cross the coast Wednesday night and is expected to gain momentum and strength. It is currently a category two and predicted to be a category four on touchdown.

Looking at the WeatherChannel site you can watch the movement of the cyclone. To me it looks like a giant comet is about to crash onto the coast.

I have been on Facebook to check how my nephews living in Brisbane are going … Adam’s street has been closed and the flood is on the other side of the hill, they are hoping the hill protects them.
Later, I was on the phone to my sister and Adam rang to ask his dad to go on ebay and put a bid on for him. 🙂 (on a bike he wants) as he now has no internet.
Brisbane River currently at 4.26m and rising.
John Birmingham writes >> It always comes out of the west … more


More video footage from 10 January floods in Toowoomba.
Thanks to whitelightbringer for uploading to youtube.
These waters are heading East towards Brisbane.
On Thursday, the city will have 6,500 homes in danger of flooding.

Extraordinary footage of flash flooding in
Toowoomba, Queensland today.
This is scary, people were in these cars.
Eight Dead, 72 Missing.

ABC News(Australia) have asked the flood victims to record their experiences of the onset of the floods in their regions.

Anne and Bruce Chater, a schoolteacher and doctor from the small central Queensland town of Theodore returned from a trip to Nepal on 20 December in time for Christmas and are now coping with floods waters surging around their house and surgery and are now providing updates and photos.