A lazy weekend after a very busy and tiring week. should get a lovely pay this week. A bit of clothes washing and a small amount of housework. Dogs clipped and washed.  I will be getting some quotes for new guttering on the house as I have finally decided on a new colour for the gutters, … More

We have been getting drenched here on the coast but the weather man has promised us 5 days of some Sunny periods. Whoopie! I feel sad for all the people living inland New South Wales who are being inundated with flood waters. Avoca Beach Rock Shelf I had been out visiting friends when I came … More

These last few weeks the weather has been feral, we have not had a very warm summer.   Saturday, the sun came out after a full week of pouring rain or rather it stopped raining but was overcast until the afternoon.  Making the most of the day I went along to the Farmers Market at … More

Fluffing around with the layout and design of blog. Wet – Avoca Beach. This could take some time.

Love the root system of this fig tree  along the banks of the Parramatta River in Sydney. On the second day of 2012 we are enjoying another hot, dry day after months of rain in 2011.

Avoca Beach Clubhouse, today. The Children’s Rock Pool One lone surfer sits on the beach observing the waves In the water are several surfers battling the unruly, churning waves. We have had extreme torrential rain here on the Coast and it will continue until the weekend. Some areas are flooded and around Tuggerah Lake are … More

Ash cloud from a Volcano eruption in Chile has crossed the Pacific Ocean and is now passing over New Zealand’s South Island and Tasmania