Vincent D’onofrio’s 

Do’s and Don’ts of Hollywood.
Full Metal Jacket – Private Pyle
 Men in Black – Edgar the Bug
Adventures in Babysitting – Dawson/Thor
The Player – The Writer
Mystic Pizza – Bill
Mr Wonderfull – Dominic
Ed Wood – Orson Wells
Feeling Minnesota – Sam
Good Luck – Tony
The Cell – Carl
The Salton Sea – Pooh Bear
Thumbsucker – Mike
Booklyn’s Finest – Carlo
Staten Island – Parmie
Kill The Irishman – John Nardi.
Director of 
Don’t Go In The Woods

Vincent D’Onofrio
talks about his role in Men In Black
Woodstock Film Festival, 2011.

A fan of LO:Criminal Intent,
(ny_odyssey of Live Journal)
went along to the end of series sale of memorabilia and props.
Their observation Here

Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe – LO:Criminal Intent Series Wrap
Thanks to akeats88 of Youtube

Vincent D’Onofrio Interview

Vincent about his new movie – Kill the Irishman
and his return to Law & Order:Criminal Intent

Too busy yesterday to add these to my blog
Thanks -Icon Images – Bondi Beach, Australia
These pictures came from the Sydney newspaper, The Daily Telegraph’s social page, Sydney Confidential. It was a lovely sight to see after watching the flood coverage from Brisbane.
A great $1 investment.
I am sitting here watching the #qldflood coverage and I can’t believe speed of the water STILL flowing down the streets on its way to the Pacific Ocean. Householders are getting lots of help from volunteers to remove damaged furniture, mud and debris from their homes.

Law & Order:Criminal Intent stars
Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe
are returning for Season 10 with 8 episodes.
CI has had some great guest stars appearing on the show:

  • Liza Minnelli
  • Mark Linn-Baker
  • Rita Moreno

I would love to see:

  • Tony Shalhoub
  • Ethan Suplee
  • Kathleen Turner
  • Candice Bergen

Who would you like to see guest star?

Law Order:Criminal Intent Season 5 is out tomorrow.
The last season for Jamey Sheridan and Courtney B Vance
and the first season for Chris Noth.
Season 10 with 8 Episodes and the return of Vincent D’Onofrio
will go to air in 2011. No news yet whether Kathryn Erbe will return.

It was lovely and sunny winter day, Sunday,
so it was into the garden I ventured.
Two hours later, I had tidied, raked, pruned, weeded and crammed the last lot of greenery into the garden re-cycling bin … then the cold weather rolled in with a rain chaser.
Inside to shower and change into warm clothes, the kettle on and the Tim Tams found, I settled in front of the heater and my LO:Criminal Intent DVDs for a bit of Bobby watching while the storm rolled over the house.
A scratching on the front door and Darcy rushed in,
demanding an early dinner
and a place on the lounge.

Life During Wartime Premiere
Sydney Film Festival 2010
Festival Director Clare Stewart, producer Christine K. Walker,
actress Shirley Henderson,
Jury President Jan Chapman and Jury member Yonfan.
Photographer Don Arnold (c) 2010

Some of Shirley Henderson‘s movies
  • Harry Potter series – Moaning Myrtle
  • Bridget Jones 1 & 2 – Jude
  • Marple – Murder Is Easy – Honoria Wanflete
  • Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day – Edythe DuBarry
  • Doctor Who – Ursula Blake
  • Hamish Macbeth – Isabel Sutherland
  • Salt On Our Skin (Desire)- Mary
Hey Val, Shirley looks a lot like Kathryn Erbe
and both are wonderful actresses.
2 Degrees of Separation –
Shirley was in Salt on Our Skin with Vincent D’Onofrio
Kathryn Erbe was in Law & Order: Criminal Intent with VDO