Just because …

Whose line It Is It Anyway with Robin Williams.

VDO/Bobby video Challenge

tany24’s entry in VDO/Bobby video Challenge

Great video, Tany


CBS Welcome Back

CSI:LV 8.12 Deleted Scene

CSI:LV 8.12. Grissom’s Divine Comedy
Deleted scene.Grissom’s Apartment.

VDO – USA NETWORK event in New York

Courtesy of JustAnotherBlog of Youtube here

Chelsea Walls Soundtrack

Chelsea Walls Soundtrack

I enjoyed this soundtrack immensely. Great selection.

How’s This

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The team that plays together. Stays together

LO:CI. Q & A with Charlie Rubin and Diana Son

Major Case-CI Criminal Intent Forum

LOCI Writers -Charlie Rubin and Diana Son
Answers Part I

Blast from the Past.

I received a phone call from an old friend today inviting me to a weekend get-together and 50th birthday of one of the guys . Party will be on a Saturday later in the month, sleep-over and then family BarBQ on the Sunday. Sounds like it will be fun. I used to hang out with these lovely people all the time but then life became very busy and I had lost contact except for the occasional phone call.

A couple of weeks after my mum died in ’98, they came to visit one Friday evening of a long week end, told my kids we’re just borrowing your mum(me) for a couple of days. They kept me busy playing cards till 3am, drinkies, meals and socialising with friends who dropped in during the day.
By the time they dropped me off back home on the Sunday I was exhausted but I felt I could then cope with the loss of my mother when I had friends who could give me such loving support.

New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

Well I have achieved one resolution and that was to stop lurking on some message board and to post sometimes

others …

  • to learn to dance Rockabilly
  • to travel more
  • to sell my house
  • to buy a smaller house
  • to buy a new car
  • to spend more time in the garden
  • to make my own clothes
  • to read and use my new Cooking book – Nigella Lawson ‘Good Food Fast’.
  • to take down xmas decorations by mid-January.

I have been on holidays for the last two week but sadly it comes to an end as I will be returning to work on Monday. My supervisor rang this morning to discuss one of my clients with me and was nice enough to appologise for disturbing me during my break. lol.

I haven’t done anything exciting other than the usual xmas/new year actvities as I was so tired from a busy year all I wanted to do was eat/sleep/read/watch TV. Though I did manage to paint my bedroom which was a lovely burgundy colour to a pretty boring creamish as I thought (I’m selling my house) it would be more buyer-friendly and my egg-plant(purple) painted foyer is now white. Hey, it looked nice.

Now all I need to do is move everything back into the bedroom, I’m resisting the urge to update my furnishings I will just have to put up with the boring decor. Hopefully, it will sell and I can downsize into a smaller and more economically to-run home.