Time lapse video of Earth by NASA Satellites/Spacestation Absolutely Beautiful.

Had a big day planned today, went to bed early but sometime after 1am this morning I heard a screeching of tyres on the main road that I live on, you could hear the driver fighting to control the car, silence then Bang. Looked out and the car had crashed into the power pole outside, four youths … More

A lazy weekend after a very busy and tiring week. should get a lovely pay this week. A bit of clothes washing and a small amount of housework. Dogs clipped and washed.  I will be getting some quotes for new guttering on the house as I have finally decided on a new colour for the gutters, … More

This is a great video with a play on the place names of the  Central Coast north of Sydney. Kombi > WORD.

We have been getting drenched here on the coast but the weather man has promised us 5 days of some Sunny periods. Whoopie! I feel sad for all the people living inland New South Wales who are being inundated with flood waters. Avoca Beach Rock Shelf I had been out visiting friends when I came … More