Attention all CI-philes Mark your calendars!All-new episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent arrive (US) Sunday, April 19,starring all of your favorite detectives, as well as a new addition to the Major Case Squad. Jeff Goldblum joins the cast of CI as Det. Zack Nichols. Tune in Sunday, April 19, to see how well Det. … More

Thanks to joibehrend on the Vincent D’onofrio INDB board for the info Vincent was on Good Things Utah today (12/12) with his sister, cooking, if you can believe it. You can go to the KTVX News’ website and they have a video clip. Just click on Good Things Utah when you get to the site … More

Detective Robert Goren Trivia

Normal 0 Detective First Grade Robert Goren   Played by: Vincent D’Onofrio Introduction Scene: CI Episode 1, “One” (9/30/01) First Lines: “They live here?”   Work Information Office Address: Major Case Squad, One Police Plaza, 11th Floor. CI Episode 8, “The Pardoner’s Tale” (11/18/01) Office Phone Number: (212) 555-0146. CI Episode 16, “Phantom” (3/17/02) … More Detective Robert Goren Trivia

LOCI’s Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe

Law & Order: Criminal Intent’s Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe Talk About The Move To USA posted by Jay Cochran in Television at 10:28 PM on 2007.09.26 Law & Order: Criminal Intent moves to the USA Network starting on October 4th. This week NBC Universal held a press conference with two of the show’s stars, … More LOCI’s Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe

Martin Clunes –Men Down Under Interview Transcript- 6/3/2000 -Aussie Men Behaving Badly KERRY O’BRIEN: It may be politically incorrect, but despite, or perhaps because of that, the British comedy series ‘Men Behaving Badly’ has been a huge success.Its stars are two beer-swilling mates with few redeeming features. So I’m not sure how we should react to the fact that the … More Martin Clunes –Men Down Under Interview