I love this series – my favourite – Ladybug
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Looking forward to watching The Block finale tonight.
Go Rod and Tania.
True Renovators.

Bundaberg Rum’s Exploding Croc Ads Apology
Bundy’s Apology’s Apology

Late News Tonight-
Just announced at Gabba Stadium, Brisbane at the Day/Night cricket match between Australia vs England flood relief contributions from cricket teams & supporters is $6,009,602. Magnificent effort from all.

Law & Order:Criminal Intent stars
Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe
are returning for Season 10 with 8 episodes.
CI has had some great guest stars appearing on the show:

  • Liza Minnelli
  • Mark Linn-Baker
  • Rita Moreno

I would love to see:

  • Tony Shalhoub
  • Ethan Suplee
  • Kathleen Turner
  • Candice Bergen

Who would you like to see guest star?

Walking with Dinosaurs on Hey Hey, Its Saturday.

2009 MasterChef Australia winner Julie Goodwin’s new show Home Cooked! With Julie Goodwin, will premiere Saturday, August 7th at 5.30pm on Nine.


The show will include celebrity guests with actor Gyton Grantley the first to appear.

“We’re all so busy these days that people don’t feel they have the time to cook. So I really want to show the audience how quick and easy meals can be fun to make and delicious to eat,” Julie said.


My new favourite
-Inspector George Gently
English Television Drama
This series is set in the 1970s and is so politically incorrect now.
The main character is played by Martin Thaw. I remember watching him in The Professionals. I have only watched a couple of these episodes but I am enjoying it immensely.

Attention all CI-philes

Mark your calendars!
All-new episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent arrive (US) Sunday, April 19,
starring all of your favorite detectives, as well as a new addition to the Major Case Squad. Jeff Goldblum joins the cast of CI as Det. Zack Nichols. Tune in Sunday, April 19, to see how well Det. Wheeler takes to her new partner.

Official Links:
Facebook: http://bit.ly/13IBTu
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/USA_Network

and if you haven’t already recognised the main actor,
Vincent D’onofrio
you may have also seen him as this character
Farmer John/The Bug from Men In Black

Thanks to joibehrend on the Vincent D’onofrio INDB board for the info

Vincent was on Good Things Utah today (12/12) with his sister, cooking, if you can believe it. You can go to the KTVX News’ website and they have a video clip. Just click on Good Things Utah when you get to the site and there will be a photo of Vincent next to link for video of the segment. Enjoy!

Here is the link. Thanks joibehrend.
http://www.abc4.com/content/about_4/gtu/featured_on/story/Vincent-DOno frio/RuOZIpVlR0KNciBxKo6aBg.cspx
He talks about his movies, LOCI, family etc.- 9+minutes.
The page takes a while to load.

Detective Robert Goren Trivia



Detective First Grade Robert Goren


Played by: Vincent D’Onofrio
Introduction Scene: CI Episode 1, “One” (9/30/01)
First Lines: “They live here?”


Work Information
Office Address:
Major Case Squad, One Police Plaza, 11th Floor. CI Episode 8, “The Pardoner’s Tale” (11/18/01)

Office Phone Number:
(212) 555-0146. CI Episode 16, “Phantom” (3/17/02)

Known Partners:
Detective Alexandra Eames (2001-Present)

Professional Idiosyncracies/Quirks:

  • Carries a brown zippered notebook, cell phone, cloth handkerchief, pocket knife.
  • Leaves Eames task of interviewing witnesses at fresh scene; examines physical evidence personally.
  • Can catch forensic evidence CSU techs miss.
  • Extremely detail-oriented; doesn’t miss a thing. Most of the time.
  • Not always totally accurate with his profiles. 

Career History

  • Served in U.S. Army, where he learned to speak and read German.  CI Episode 2, “Art” (10/7/01)
  • Prior to joining the Major Case Squad, worked as a detective in Narcotics for 4 years, running 3 sting operations that resulted in 27 major arrests, all of which resulted in convictions. CI Episode 13, “The Insider” (1/27/02)
  • Disinterested in Narcotics now; when Captain Deakins suggests Goren and Eames hand off a killing spree case to Precinct 15 to join the mayor’s drug task force, Goren recognizes that it’s a good chance to “get noticed,” but neither he nor Eames seem enthusiastic about the career opportunity. CI Episode 5, “Jones” (10/21/01)
  • Excluding hostage situations, between them Goren and Eames have handled nearly a dozen kidnappings and have not lost a single person. CI Episode 14, “Homo Homini Lupus” (3/03/02)

Medical/Psychological History

  • Shown smoking once, bumming a puff from a street person. CI Episode 4, “The Faithful” (10/17/01) but has said he quit smoking 7 years ago. CI Episode 30, “Pilgrim“(11/17/02)
  • Has experience dealing with the mentally ill (later on it is revealed his mother was schitzophrenic). CI Episode 4, “The Faithful” (10/17/01)
  • Takes an antacid after eating pastrami with mustard. CI, Episode 13, “The Insider” (1/27/02)
  • Has keen sense of smell.
  • Considering getting teeth fixed. CI Episode 5, “Jones” (10/21/01) (Episode in dispute; this may have come from CI Episode 16, “Phantom” – confirmation is pending) 
  • Has observed sodium amital used on Soviet defectors. CI Episode 30, “Pilgrim“(11/17/02)
  • Does not like confined or closed in spaces (i.e. small elevators.) CI Episode 41, “Cherry Red” (04/07/03); CI Episode 50, “Pravda” (10/26/03) 

Personal Information/History

Catholic (lapsed); former altar boy. CI Episode 4, “The Faithful” (10/17/01)

Other Aliases/Nicknames
“Bobby” (Detective Alex Eames and Captain James Deakins); “Goren” (Captain James Deakins); “‘Detective” (ADA Ronald Carver)

Childhood Events/Family Issues

  • Goren’s mother disliked most of his childhood girlfriends. CI Episode 3, “Smothered” (10/14/01)
  • Goren’s mother was a librarian before being hospitalized with schitzophrenia. CI Episode 30, “Pilgrim“(11/17/02) Symptoms of the disease began manifesting when Goren was 7, and he remains protective of her.
  • Father saw Johnny Unitas when he attended the 1958 championship game that went into sudden death overtime. CI Episode 41, “Cherry Red” (04/07/03)
  • Has a brother who is a gambling addict. CI Episode 95, “In the Wee Small Hours” (11/06/05)
  • His recently-deceased father left them when he was young. (Undocumented)


  • Lewis, an auto mechanic/body shop owner specializing in classic car restoration. CI Episode 8, “The Pardoner’s Tale” (11/18/01)
  • Has a friend named Max who is a rabbi. CI Episode 31, “Pilgrim“(12/01/02)
  • Has a friend named Stephen who is a linguist at Princeton. CI Episode 52, “A Murderer Among Us” (11/09/03)

Romantic Entanglements/Dates

  • Once dated Irene, a stockbroker, who is saving up to buy a house with (presumably new significant other) Carlos. CI Episode 10, “The Enemy Within” (12/9/01)
  • Read the Koran while stationed in Germany to impress a Turkish girl who lived near the base. CI Episode 30, “Pilgrim“(11/17/02)
  • Once dated a girl named Lola, who had cats. (Goren to Eames: “I had a girlfriend, Lola. She had cats….” Eames: “You ate furballs for her?” CI Episode 41, “Cherry Red” (04/07/03)


  • Took a few psychology courses in college. CI Episode 9, “The Good Doctor” (11/25/01)
  • Learned to speak and read German while in the Army. CI Episode 2, “Art,”(10/07/01)
  • Read the Koran while stationed in Germany to impress a Turkish girl who lived near the base. CI Episode 30, “Pilgrim“(11/17/02)

Political Opinions/Affiliations:

  • Did not vote for current governor (Pataki, Republican). CI Episode 8, “The Pardoner’s Tale” (11/18/01)
  • Believes that idealy, children should have two parents. CI Episode 6, “The Extra Man” (10/28/01)
  • Pro-choice. CI Episode 11, “The Third Horseman” (1/6/02)


  • Likes the art of Lucien Freud, preferring it to Impressionist works. CI Episode 2, “Art“(10/07/01)
  • Likes to dance. CI Episode 5, “Jones” (10/21/01)
  • Knows how to make bouillabaisse  (the French seafood-based stew). CI Episode 16, “Phantom” (3/17/02)
  • Reads “Smithsonian” magazine. To Eames: “It’s the perfect size for my treadmill.” CI Episode 30, “Pilgrim“(11/17/02)

Catch Phrases/Personal Quirks:

  • Refers to and addresses his partner, Detective Alexa Eames by her surname, but in serious moments has called her “Alex.”
  • Usually addresses ADA Ron Carver as “Counselor.”
  • Has referred to spiking over the counter drugs with cyanide [CI Episode 7, “Poison” (11/11/01)] and publication of names of doctors willing to perform abortions [CI Episode 11, “The Third Horseman” (1/6/02)] as “terrorism.”
  • Tends towards calling appealing automobiles “sweet.” CI Episode 8, “The Pardoner’s Tale” (11/18/01); CI Episode 12, “Crazy” (1/13/02)
  • Left-handed.
  • Size 13 shoe.