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Ok. I’m great fan of Gotye,
 so I found this vid taken at Peats Ridge Music Festival
held north of Sydney – 29nd December, 2011 to 1st January, 2012 
New Years Eve countdown to 2012
He starts on the drums before coming front of stage to perform.
 Fans are a bit noisy but fun.

Live coverage of Australia Day 2012
including Darling Harbour fireworks.

Watching the live stream from Darling Harbour brought back memories of the year
 I took my 5′ tall, 78 year old mother to the Australia Day fireworks.

A pack of 6′ tall teenagers formed a circle around her
 to protect her from the jostling crowd.

  C’mon Grandma we’ll look after you, they said.
Stand clear, Grandma coming through, they yelled.
Laughter all round. AusDay, 1996.

The F3 Highway >> The Road Home.

Funny Photo

Photo Source; Twitter – @Evil_Dumbledore

(Made me laugh)

I went back to work on Wednesday but some clients forgot to inform office they will be going away on holidays so had a quiet week, next year I will take more time off over the New Year break. 

Mowed back and front yards yesterday. a hot day, today have no energy which is annoying as I had planned to go down to the Sydney Festival 2012 
which started late yesterday with Festival First Night.. Huge program of events scattered over multiple sites from 7 January till 29 January.

More Photos from 2011

 I have no work rostered on Friday so will try to attend as many free events as I can and seriously thinking of  staying overnight.

Love the root system of this fig tree
 along the banks of the Parramatta River in Sydney.

On the second day of 2012 we are enjoying another
 hot, dry day after months of rain in 2011.

Happy New Year

(Photo: Tezzie Mooring)
Happy New Year everyone from my family to yours.

The Ship Song Project.

A Tribute to the Sydney Opera House.

Song writer: Nick Cave.
Music video filmed inside/outside Sydney Opera House.

Vivid Sydney – 2011
Lighting The Sails.
I hope to travel into Sydney to see this in person.
Watch it live on Youtube

Check local time at bottom of page –
broadcast can be viewed between 18.00pm -21-00pm each night.
Better viewed on youtube.

Aussie Bloggers Conference 2011
I had a truly fabulous day yesterday met up with some lovely bloggers (like meeting celebrities) who I had been commenting with online and chuckling over their Tweets over the years. Completely forgot to take photos as the conference was so well run, I had to concentrate on who was speaking and watching the room’s activities. Loved the meet’n’greet game at the start
Maybe someone else can list all contents as I’ve had to call in the SES because the ceiling in my bedroom now has a hole in it as a result of the horrendous deluge of rain we have had these past two days in Sydney and the NSW Central Coast. More here

The ceiling in my bedroom now has a hole in it as a result of the horrendous deluge of rain we have had these past two days in Sydney and the NSW Central Coast. More here
Thank goodness, I was in the lounge room on Twitter reading the Tweets from Ausblogcon2011 when I heard a thump sound, going to investigate I found my carpet and dressing table awash in water and bits of plaster which had fallen from the ceiling. Whoops!.
It looked like the gutters had not been able to handle the amount of water rushing into them and it had backwashed into the ceiling cavity. So calls to SES and my insurance company while trying not to stress (brief meltdown) but it looks like I will be off work tomorrow while I call in a roofer to check roof and plasterer to replace part of the ceiling.
The SES (State Emergency Service) came climbed up on the roof
– no broken tiles –
so cleaned out some of the guttering, no tarp to cover,
let me take their photos, packed up their truck and left.
I have edited this post and put my AusBlogCon2011 post on my other blog. Here