Vivid Sydney – 2011
Lighting The Sails.
I hope to travel into Sydney to see this in person.
Watch it live on Youtube

Check local time at bottom of page –
broadcast can be viewed between 18.00pm -21-00pm each night.
Better viewed on youtube.

I love Sydney in the Summer Time.
One of the festivals I hope to go to this summer is the
Sydney Festival 2011.
The opening day/night is tomorrow, Saturday 8th January
with free entertainment at Hyde Park 3pm until late.
Here is my post from 1/1/2010

Happy New Year to all my fellow Bloggers.
Now that has a nice sound to it.
Whatever, Fate has install for me, bring it on. I say.
I love a challenge.
Well, 2010 didn’t disappoint. I didn’t have a great year health-wise, nothing major wrong but didn’t feel 100% all year. I had dislocated my shoulder again, tummy upsets and general feeling of blech.
The end of the year made up for the previous months with my social life improving and I will be re-uniting with old friends at a BBQ this Sunday.

Today,my son Michael is at the
100th Big Day Out
music festival in Sydney.
( BDO photo gallery)
It is very hot in Sydney today,
 Twitter posts from the festival say 40C (100F+).
My Weather Pixie on blog reads 41C at 3pm

Sydney Festival 2009

Playing Piano on the Streets of Sydney

Play Me, I’m Yours: Sydney 2009.

In January, 30 street pianos will be delivered to the streets of Sydney and Parramatta for the Sydney Festival 2009. Located in public squares, bus shelters, parks, a tattoo parlour, hairdressers and even on a ferry, the pianos are there for any member of the public to play. Who will play them and how long they remain is up t0 each community. Feel free to personalise and decorate your piano.

Piano Ferry
Anthony and Belinda,
Sydney Ferries Customer Service Representatives
join in the fun on the ferry, ‘Queenscliff’
10.40am trip to Manly

Queenscliff Ferry