Sydney’s 2011 New Years Midnight Fireworks
Thanks to imodeboi for uploading to youtube.

Happy New Year to all my fellow Bloggers.
Now that has a nice sound to it.
Whatever, Fate has install for me, bring it on. I say.
I love a challenge.

I say good riddance to 2009. Stuffed up my shoulder in Oct ..and still having pain with it. Screwd up my holidays plans. I was prescribed lots of pain killers though I found vodka with a little orange juice worked wonders. Cheers.
Today the medication decided to work, so it was off outside to mow the front and back yards, getting ready for 2010.
I hope to head down to Sydney tomorrow to soak up the atmosphere of the arrival of the New Year, not going to wait for the fireworks on Sydney Harbour
 (a Million + people all trying to get home afterwards)
 so hope to be home to watch them on TV.

31st December 2008

This is a slideshow of photos taken on a early morning (8am) walk at Emerald Beach on the last day of 2008.

A Beautiful Day

ps:I also edited the 22 December post to include a slideshow.

Happy New Year from Emerald Beach,
New South Wales, Australia.
It is 8.30am AEST on the first day of 2009
I hope everyone has a Wonderful year
I have taken some great photos of my holiday and will post some when I return home.
edited post to add pic-

This photo was taken on the evening of 1st January 2009.
It is a tree in the garden with the sunset shining through in the background.

I’m in the middle of packing for my trip.

Christmas is over for another year,

there is discarded Christmas wrapping everywhere,

the ironing stack is growing,

the washing on outside on the Hills Hoist

(Stock photo- Hills Hoist with a Tawny Frogmouth Owl)

The sun is shining,

it is 29C in the shade,

a cloudless sky,

a little wind blowing.

Perfect summer weather,

the Cricket is on the telly

Australia vs South Africa playing at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Australia.

Darcy is curled up near the portable DVD after a night of watching
the great Vincent D’onofrio playing his character
Detective Robert Goren
of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Here is an photo taken during the night
Obviously Darcy has had a little too much Christmas cheer.

Hours later …

still there.

Christmas 2008 Slideshow