Time lapse video of Earth by NASA Satellites/Spacestation Absolutely Beautiful.

Inside the cabin during a space shuttle launch Thanks to bbruin14.

Twitter Chatter NASA – International Space Station tracking Lots of folks asking where we are, what we see right now. Go here to find us – http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/realdata/tracking/index.html Roll your mouse over the Space Station on map  and it will show you who is currently aboard SS.This is FUNThis NASA site enables you to see the … More

Absolutely amazing. Currently watching NasaTV on my computer and it is televising LIVE the arrival of Atlantis from the International Space Station. The Atlantis will touch down in 7 minutes at Kennedy Space Centre in Florida time of Friday 8.44am. The time in Sydney is now Saturday 1.40am Aust EST.  Touchdown. (Nasa Photo)

Atlantis and Crew Prepare for FlightThe STS-129 mission will be commanded by Charles O. Hobaugh and piloted by Barry E. Wilmore. Mission Specialists are Robert L. Satcher Jr., Mike Foreman, Randy Bresnik and Leland Melvin. Wilmore, Satcher and Bresnik will be making their first trips to space. Atlantis and its crew will deliver two control … More

NASA’s satellite image of Australia More Blue Marble images here

Funny Photo Illegal alien invades Sydney under cover of dust storm. Two days ago I braved the dust storm that took over the eastern coast of Australia, as a field worker in Aged Care, I spend most of my time outdoors driving from client to client. I deferred one of my clients until the next … More