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Queue for Breakfast

In My Garden just before Sunset.

After all the rain and humidity we have had recently my wooden steps leading down to the garden had some mildew on them, so I made up a concoction of water and bleach in a bucket and with a BBQ plate cleaning brush I spent some time getting them back to a slip-free condition.

During this time I could hear a Kookaburra ‘chatting’ away
( they make this sound which is not the full-throttle laugh
but a sort of ‘clearing the throat’ sound) lol.

Anyhoo, after I finished hosing off the steps I went for a
wander around the garden to see if I could find him/her.

Kookaburra 01
Here Tis

Kookaburra 02
Sneaking a little closer-

Kookaburra 03
Oops! too close, he/she flew to another higher branch

The old cubby house also was affected by the rain and will need to go as the plywood walls are water-logged and spongy.

My youngest son has returned home for a while so it looks like another job for him on top of the front garden makeover he is currently doing.


Five well fed Kookaburras sitting on a railing waiting
for their breakfast.


I was at a friend’s home at Avoca Beach and this little fella
came for his morning meal it fluffed up its feathers to look bigger and scarier to scare me off.

I was lucky enough to be able to film this kookaburra bashing his prey(a piece of meat) against the rail.They do this to break up all of the prey’s bones so it can digest it.

When a Kookaburra starts to laugh it sounds like
a ”Kook-kook-kook” sound
then they end with a ”ha-ha-ha”.
When a family group start to laugh the noise is deafening.

(stock photo)