NUMBER CRUNCHING – LO:CRIMINAL INTENT There was a HUGE meeting of the powers that be in Los Angeles between NBC and all its affiliates. For more insider info head over to BASRIC’s blog

The Dynamic Duo wil be no more after the two-episode premiere of Season 9 of LO:Criminal Intent I personally think we have been extemely lucky to haveVincent and Kathryn for so many episodes as primarily they are movie actors. We have 131+? episodes of LO:CIplus their respective movies to re-watch on DVD Though my reaction when … More

“Law & Order: CI” Ditching D’Onofrio, Erbe, Bogosian By: Roger Friedman   //   Thursday September 24, 2009 It’s shake-up time for “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” Sources from the “L&O” galaxy say that stars Vincent D’Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, and Eric Bogosian are all expected to be phased out at various points during the series’ … More

A new favourite Youtube video from flowrpowreraposted 26 March, 2009 and I’m not the only one that enjoys this vid.

Twitter I have become a great fan of Twitter its real time happenings and people seem to throw comments on there rather than fluff around posting on blogs. Some of the comments I found typing in “Vincent D’Onofrio” (Simply gorgeous photo of Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe) 1075FRANKFM: Vincent D’onofrio from Law & Order: … More

Law & Order: Criminal Intent The new Criminal Intent 2009 series started in the US last week with a D’onofrio/Erbe episode and this week Goldblum/Nicholson episode was shown. I was able to view both episodes and enjoyed both teams in action. Australia will be able to view the new series as it starts on Channel … More

Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn ErbeLive Question & Answer Session– An Interesting Experience! S8:Playing Dead Please use the link from ‘allthingslawandorder‘s’ blog. ============================================== Season 3 of Law & Order: Criminal Intent will be available to buy at Big W (Australia)on Wednesday 3rd June 2009 S3:Stray ========================================= Season 4 : you can pre-order from will be … More