My brain has been in holiday mode and I am finding it hard to put fingers to keyboard to type some posts. Last day of my hols tomorrow.

Sydney’s 2011 New Years Midnight Fireworks Thanks to imodeboi for uploading to youtube.

Christmas … Aussie Style. Thanks to Kristy01 for posting on youtube.

Last day of my week break from work and I haven’t done half the things I had planned to do. I spent two days with my daughter and her family and realised when I got home I hadn’t taken any photos. Natalie is wanting to return to work as she and her husband are paying … More

In answer to – Drifting throught Life blog post. “How do you treat yourself?“ Each payday I put $20 away into a ‘Treat’ account, so far it has paid for me to fly to Melbourne ($98 return) from Sydney for a couple of days vacation, to go see The Eagles in concert at the Acer … More

Last Thursday I headed up the Pacific Highway to Emerald Beach and stayed a couple of days with my sister, Cathy and brother-in-law, Greg. It was a quick trip as I was due back to work on Tuesday after the long weekend. Friday, we bought some fish ‘n chips and had them on an outside … More