I love this series – my favourite – Ladybug
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I had to share this gag.

 Lightning Strike Vs Fireworks 

A spectacular photo by Matt Titmanis via abcnews.
Perth, Western Australia.

Topp Twins Movie Promo

Bundaberg Rum’s Exploding Croc Ads Apology
Bundy’s Apology’s Apology

Late News Tonight-
Just announced at Gabba Stadium, Brisbane at the Day/Night cricket match between Australia vs England flood relief contributions from cricket teams & supporters is $6,009,602. Magnificent effort from all.

Dot Dot Dot (Official Video HD)

This is one funny video.

This site is very funny – http://nycsantacon.com/

Santa’s Survival Guide:

What to expect
Santacon is an annual convention for Santa and his holiday brethren.
Expect holiday cheer, unconventional gifts, naughty carols and general mayhem.
Do not expect to be entertained: Santa IS the entertainment!

How to be Santa
Santa doesn’t just wear a cool suit and invade your dad’s liquor cabinet: he also brings gifts!
A gift can be a reindeer game, a song, a dance or a joke to entertain Santa and tourists alike.

How NOT to be Santa
Santa never endangers his reindeer with violence, vandalism, inappropriate groping or theft.
Santa never gets SO jolly he needs babysitting.
Santa never expects to get away with behavior that an ordinary citizen wouldn’t.

It’s not a bar crawl
Every time you call Santacon a bar crawl, a sugarplum fairy dies.

Pic of the Day
Season's Greetings Pictures, Images and Photos

I have a rather juvenile sense of humour.

I like this

Chad Vader identifies as many costumes as he can at Dragon Con 2010.

I’m a great fan of Bones.
This is their recent release promo video from
Comic Con in San Diego 2010.
ps also an excuse to see if I could customise the video
on Youtube from 560×340 to 382×240
which is a better fit for a 2 column blog.

Found Video for previous post.