Darcy is lounging on my work folder. He is always on it. As I carry it around all day it probably has ‘Aroma Frances’ on it.

While I was visiting an elderly friend today, we had a visitor. S/he heard our voices and came down for some morning tea.

My brother in law, Greg’s mother passed away last week, Joan was 95 years old and lived locally. During the time Greg and Cathy were on the coast, they dropped in to visit me, we went to The Entrance to have some lunch and while there I took these photos of a boat hire business … More

No kiddies in the Rock PoolJust three little ducks.


I was at a friend’s home at Avoca Beach and this little fellacame for his morning meal it fluffed up its feathers to look bigger and scarier to scare me off. I was lucky enough to be able to film this kookaburra bashing his prey(a piece of meat) against the rail.They do this to break … More Kookaburra