My Grand-daughter – Mila Therese – 18 months old.


Waiting patiently in the car.

Today my son, daughter, son in law and grand-daughter took me out to lunch
at Crown Plaza, Terrigal Beach for my birthday.
The weather was great – warm and sunny with just a hint of a breeze.
A lovely lunch accompanied by live music.

I went into The Entrance today to see the huge display of Chromefest cars and on the way home I dropped into the shops for milk and came out with a new ‘do. My hair has grown so much lately, well passed my shoulders. I decided I needed a change, now it is short and curly, the hairdresser had complimented me on how brave I was to have so much taken off but it feels better now.

And also, hang onto your hats, I bought a new cossie (Swimmers). Yay. Grandma-style!!! Yikes.

I went into The Entrance today to see the
huge display of Chromefest2011 cars and activities.


The Rock’nRollers were enjoying the music

Loved the colours of these two cars.



Darcy is lounging on my work folder.
He is always on it.
As I carry it around all day
it probably has ‘Aroma Frances’ on it.

I just spent the weekend catching up with my sisters at my brother’s place, it was the first time we had all gotten together since my brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was great seeing everyone again, my brother enjoyed his weekends catching up.
We went to Dooley’s club at Lidcombe for dinner Friday night. Barramundi and chips. Yum. and Saturday lunch was spent at the Tennis Club on Chisholm -Flounder and chips, this time.

Dropped into the local Salvation Army op shop, Salvos,
and bought this 1960s or 1970s Canonet QL 17 camera for $15. It needs a new battery and film to see if it still works :-). I have been thinking for some time to buy a SLR digital camera, the QL has similar features so will try out on a cheapie before handing out hard earned cash for the ‘newer’ model.
Visited my tax agent to complete my 2010/2011 tax return
and will be getting a nice rebate back.

Nearly four months after part of my bedroom ceiling collapse from a slow water leak, it has finally been repaired. The plasterer came about a 3 weeks ago and cut out the damaged section and installed a plasterboard to ceiling.

A week ago the painter arrived to paint entire ceiling with an oil-based paint and I still have a paint smell in the room -have used fans, left bucket of water to absorb the fumes and have sprayed room deodoriser to try and get rid of the smell of the paint and the room still smells of new paint. My son, Michael (a painter 🙂 suggests I put a heater in there as he tells me oil-based paint needs to harden before the smell diffusers.

I’m back, again.

$AU150 later, nice shiny virus protector software and being told by computer repairer that my computer jumped straight onto the net when it was connected in their shop but of course they had to do lots of expensive diagnostic stuff to see why it wasn’t connecting. *scream* .

I got my machine back home and naturally it wouldn’t connect so back to the shop to see it once again jump onto the net. I went home etc etc. Today a couple of etc later rang internet provider. again and a nice Indian accented man called Reggie listened to my tale of woe, he asked me to go to my login page for internet access and disconnect and reconnect, type in my password and username.
We have ignition, Reggie.
You are a marvel and other superlatives.

Good thing: Back on the Net
Bad thing: $AU150 poorer.

Tonight, I am staying over my brother’s place and tomorrow we have an appointment with the Palliative Care Team of Westmead Hospital. I live 100klm away up the coast and it takes me about an hour and half to get through city traffic/freeway to get to his place.
As he lives alone we need to set up some care services for him – an emergency telephone bracelet, on-call nurse. He prefers to live alone and so we need to let him decide how things are managed.
The pizza man has come
and I have been told to eat it before it gets cold. lol.