Best place to be on a cold Autumn Day

Darcy is lounging on my work folder.
He is always on it.
As I carry it around all day
it probably has ‘Aroma Frances’ on it.

Darcy and I are having a night in.
I had a colonoscopy today and everything is fine. Thank Goodness.
My mum died of colon cancer and I had some problems.
Doctor said I behave responsibly and it was best to have regular tests (5 years). I’m at that age group when you need to become aware of future medical problems.
When my daughter, Natalie, bought me home from the clinic
Darcy was hiding in the clothes dryer.

Saturday 12.40am.
Sitting up late watching the Tour de France.
The house is lovely and warm on a cold night.
Darcy is not moving from the lounge… too comfy.
Ooops! Excuse me need to turn my electric blanket on.
One of the downsides of living alone,
there is no-one to warm the bed up for me. lol.

My desktop computer is chugging along quite nicely now that I have given it a good clean. The problem was my cat Darcy had decided to stretch out along the printer for a snooze and upon arising kicked the cables on the computer loose. D’oh!.
At least this time it wasn’t the keyboard he was wrapped around as he tends to get a little stroppy when you try to move him.

I should be out in the yard – doing something
or tidying up the clutter inside
but I couldn’t be bothered… feeling very lazy today.
Darcy has taken over my reading lap-table. (!)
So naturally I can’t disturb him so
I’m reduced to watching the telly.
Criminal Intent, Bones, CSI-LA – Miami
or a little N3mbers will do.

We have just had a thunderstorm complete with strong winds, hailstones and lots of torrential rain storm through my town.

 I couldn’t put the car away as my son and his friend had put some of their belongings in garage
 – they are between apartments –
 including a small motor bike. So my car was out getting pelted by small hailstones and their tacky second-hand stuff was taking up room in the garage.

My dogs, Bailey and Karli are on a rug beside my computer chair and Darcy the cat has spread himself out on my foot stool, patting at my feet with his paw as I try to take possession of my foot rest.

Talk about Freaky Friday.

Today, I injured my shoulder at work, off to the doctors and now he has me on Valium and Voltaren. I’m off work until Tuesday that is unless my shoulder is still sore than I need to return to doctor and have some tests done.

Darcy has decided he needs to be close by me but does he need to take over my lap table it makes reading my book a little difficult.

Darcy loves to lie along the window ledge on a rainy day.
This week the local birds have been particularly hard on him as they tend the young. Everytime he ventures outside they dive-bomb him.

Poor Darcy fainted
upon hearing the news
Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe
will be leaving LO:Criminal Intent
and I for one will be happy when this
eratic weather settles down,
I’m getting a little tired of the migraines it is triggering.