Christmas Day.
A lovely sunny day after weeks of rain.

A walk along the Parramatta River after lunch.

Waiting for Santa

My Grand-daughter – Mila Therese – 18 months old.


Waiting patiently in the car.

My new favourite Youtube video.

Natalie Imbruglia’s song, Torn
mime by David Armand.
(or signed language!)
Today I will be venturing into the garage to find the Christmas tree and decorations. Wish me luck, I hope they aren’t buried under mountains of useless clutter I have accumulated this past year.

Merry Christmas, Everyone.
Outside Nativity,
St Marys Cathedral,
Sydney, Australia.

Christmas – Digital Version.
Thanks to ExcentricPT of youtube

Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia
Merry Christmas, Everyone.

Santa is on his way soon.
Norad Santa Tracker.

Christmas … Aussie Style.
Thanks to Kristy01 for posting on youtube.

Christmas Lights Gone Wild.
Thanks to houseofboyd of youtube.

This morning I caught the train up to Newcastle Showground at Broadmeadow to go to the Newcastle Farmers Markets. The train journey was more relaxing than driving and battling the Christmas shoppers traffic.
I had a lovely time and came home with
a 6-fruit loaf, a blueberry and banana loaf
and some home made soaps.
Early tomorrow morning I will be driving up to Coffs Harbour to spend a couple of days with my sister, Cathy and B-i-L, Greg.
Christmas Pic of the Day.
Christmas Tree in Martins Place,