Today my son, daughter, son in law and grand-daughter took me out to lunch
at Crown Plaza, Terrigal Beach for my birthday.
The weather was great – warm and sunny with just a hint of a breeze.
A lovely lunch accompanied by live music.

Too busy yesterday to add these to my blog
Thanks -Icon Images – Bondi Beach, Australia
These pictures came from the Sydney newspaper, The Daily Telegraph’s social page, Sydney Confidential. It was a lovely sight to see after watching the flood coverage from Brisbane.
A great $1 investment.
I am sitting here watching the #qldflood coverage and I can’t believe speed of the water STILL flowing down the streets on its way to the Pacific Ocean. Householders are getting lots of help from volunteers to remove damaged furniture, mud and debris from their homes.

I will try to get along to see some of these films.
Flickerfest Shorts 2011
Bondi Beach.

Flickerfest 2011 Festival Trailer

May the Shorts be With You!

Check out the trailer for Flickerfest’s upcoming 2011 festival,

screening at Sydney’s beautiful Bondi Pavilion,

by the sea and under the stars, 7-16 January, 2011.

Flickerfest celebrates its 20th year in 2011, and is Australia’s only dedicated short film festival that is Academy® accredited and recognised by BAFTA!
We’ll be screening 100 of the best films from around the galaxy,
hand-chosen from over 1790 worldwide entries!
Join us for the summer cinema season at a venue near you
– find out more at

The JATWC has issued a tsunami alert, declaring a “potential tsunami threat” for Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island.
Beaches along the eastern seaboard of Australia were closed today because of the Earthquake in Chile and the resulting Tsanami that was thought may have some impact on the local beaches.
So while I was running errands today,
I went along to The Entrance Beach to take some photos.
The Entrance Beach
The Entrance Surf Club
Stairway to the beach
Beach closed due to Tsanami warning
as a result of Chile earthquake.
Lifesavers sitting around feeling bored, the beach is usually crowded on a Sunday morning. Lots of stickybeaks driving down to the Central Coast beaches but all they are seeing is flat surf – low tide.
My dogs have started to yap as there is some local thunder, we have had quite a few thunder/lightning storms this summer and the dogs and cat have become very jittery.

I wandered off to the local beach to update my new header photo. The walk down to the beach is quite steep so will head back for more photos when there isn’t a threat of rain.
I had planned on going along to Shelly Beach which is just south of The Entrance but there was a branch carnival held today Sunday, 7th February. All available parking was taken so will head back on another day when it is not so crowded

A lazy day today, lots to do

but because of my sore shoulder I have to take it easy.
I am still waiting for my annual leave to be approved I sent it in over a month ago but because my supervisor was on leave for 3 weeks, she is only now attending to it … not happy…because now others in my team have put in request for their leave now. Cross fingers she processes by date not top of pile.
Yeh! I know I’m having a whinge but my leave is for the Christmas and New Year weeks, we get so much tourist traffic over this period plus Christmas shoppers that it is quite stressful to drive in amongst them … especially near the beachs as the tourists tend to rubber-neck and potter. lol
I drive over that small bridge, at the bottom of the photo,
each day to get to work,

Avoca Beach
A couple of times a week I visit clients here

Copacabana (Central Coast))
and here also.

Shelly Beach (Central Coast)
This beach is up the road from where I live.

Sydney Harbour Surfers
Story weather surfers
(Photo:Telegraph Newspaper)
The beaches up along the east coast of Australia have been closed because of bad weather -flooding, strong winds and huge swells which have made bad surfing conditions … so our intrepid surfers have sought protected areas of the coast in which to exercise their pent up energy.

Copacabana Beach looking South


Photo taken on my mobile(cell) phone
through the sprinkling rain.

Looking North

Easter Vacation

Families playing in the Rock Pool at Avoca Beach

The pool looking a little different than it did on the rainy day two weeks ago.

Another view looking towards Avoca Beach
this lovely Autumn day.

Unfortunately for me, I had to work today but a
local elderly gentleman saw me taking these photos and
offered to take a pic of me as you can see I’m working hard.
Fran Avoca Beach

Stormy Weather – Avoca Beach, NSW