Ok. I’m great fan of Gotye,
 so I found this vid taken at Peats Ridge Music Festival
held north of Sydney – 29nd December, 2011 to 1st January, 2012 
New Years Eve countdown to 2012
He starts on the drums before coming front of stage to perform.
 Fans are a bit noisy but fun.

to raise funds in the fight against cancer.
A local single’s group raised $130.00 hosting a morning tea with
 more money donated online.
It’s a fun way to raise money for cancer research, prevention
 and support services for cancer patients and their families.

Lucky Door prizes.

Unfortunately,I didn’t win anything but the food was delicious. 🙂

Anzac Day 2012

To all our veterans – Thank You.

Funny Photo

Photo Source; Twitter – @Evil_Dumbledore

(Made me laugh)

I went back to work on Wednesday but some clients forgot to inform office they will be going away on holidays so had a quiet week, next year I will take more time off over the New Year break. 

Mowed back and front yards yesterday. a hot day, today have no energy which is annoying as I had planned to go down to the Sydney Festival 2012
which started late yesterday with Festival First Night.. Huge program of events scattered over multiple sites from 7 January till 29 January.

More Photos from 2011

 I have no work rostered on Friday so will try to attend as many free events as I can and seriously thinking of  staying overnight.

Happy New Year

(Photo: Tezzie Mooring)
Happy New Year everyone from my family to yours.

A plane has crashed into a ferris wheel

Photo: Rimian Perkins
The children on the ferris wheel were rescued and are safe.
The two people in the plane have still to be rescued.
2UE News Australia.

Plane occupants successfully rescued.

Lucky Whale Watchers
Uploaded by on 22 Sep 2011
Humpback Whale and her Offspring.

Sunday’s Selections
has started a photo meme that anyone can join in and play as well.
Jetty Beach at Coffs Harbour, NSW

aladybythesea #2

This is a great site for Australian Bird Species.

Looking forward to watching The Block finale tonight.
Go Rod and Tania.
True Renovators.