I’m Back

Now to get this blog up to date. Forgotten how to post. But I will persevere.


Well, I have figured out how to add a photo. This is my cat, Fred whom likes to keep me company while I’m using the iMac. Very sooky today as we got another cat, Sally during the week and is not so sure who the top cat is.


Uploaded by thatpeterbrewer. Thanks for sharing.

Ok. I’m great fan of Gotye,
 so I found this vid taken at Peats Ridge Music Festival
held north of Sydney – 29nd December, 2011 to 1st January, 2012 
New Years Eve countdown to 2012
He starts on the drums before coming front of stage to perform.
 Fans are a bit noisy but fun.

to raise funds in the fight against cancer.
A local single’s group raised $130.00 hosting a morning tea with
 more money donated online.
It’s a fun way to raise money for cancer research, prevention
 and support services for cancer patients and their families.

Lucky Door prizes.

Unfortunately,I didn’t win anything but the food was delicious. 🙂

Today I went into Sydney to the Ultimo  television studios of the ABC
 (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).
To watch a recording of a new show called Randling
The audience is lining up to enter the studio.
Coke and Orange Juice provided as refreshment for waiting audience.
Wendy Harmer and Benjamin Law represented the Northern Thrusters
Dave O’Neill and Anthony Morgan represented the Fitzroy Fireballs.

 There are either Matinee or Evening Recordings until 1st May.
Audience Phone Number: Call 02 9217 2243

I left home at 9am to catch a train into Sydney to be there by 11.30am the recording started at 12.30pm, I was able to get a aisle seat as I get a little clautrosphobic if I feel closed in. The warmup guy was ok but just didn’t connect comfortably with the audience (different guy does the night recording). The show is a word game two teams vying against each other for points. Andrew Denton (Big Gig, Glass House, Enough Rope) hosted the show and it was great to see someone (including Wendy Harmer)  I have be watching on TV for the last 20 years. I have been to a recording of previous shows over the years and I am surprised how different it is to watching a show on TV.

I dropped into a local Salvo store on Friday to have a look to see if they had anything interesting,
 and walked out with this large framed print – 
 The Loggers’ Teabreak by D’arcy W Doyle 
for a bargain price of $30.
I love it. The composition of the colours is superb.

My local council had a old paint tins and gas bottles drop off this morning.
Very well organised, plenty of staff on hand giving easy to follow directions on way into depot, didn’t need to get out of the car as staff systematically went from car to car removing paint cans and tins, gas bottles, batteries and other items you can’t put in your household bins.

A Sunday in my Life.
Up early today to give the dogs a bath.

Made myself a toasted banana sandwich for breakfast.

Washed my work clothes and my new doona cover.

Spent a hour getting my work roster up to date
 and entered in work diary.

Funny Photo

Photo Source; Twitter – @Evil_Dumbledore

(Made me laugh)

I went back to work on Wednesday but some clients forgot to inform office they will be going away on holidays so had a quiet week, next year I will take more time off over the New Year break. 

Mowed back and front yards yesterday. a hot day, today have no energy which is annoying as I had planned to go down to the Sydney Festival 2012
which started late yesterday with Festival First Night.. Huge program of events scattered over multiple sites from 7 January till 29 January.

More Photos from 2011

 I have no work rostered on Friday so will try to attend as many free events as I can and seriously thinking of  staying overnight.

Last day of 2011.

I haven’t blogged as much this year, don’t know why, maybe next year I will be more motivated. Its 10pm here and I am watching a repeat of Stephen Fry at the Opera House earlier this year. The main NYE fireworks will be on in 2 hours and I am sitting here thinking in the meantime I will do an overdue tidy up as I have noticed (lol) I still have some scrunched up Christmas wrapping tucked away in a corner and washing I bought in this afternoon waiting to be sorted and put away.

Here are some pics in no particular order from the last year.

A Cockatoo visitor,

Sponsor swag from the Aussie Bloggers Convention.

A visit from local emergency crew – SES.

A visitor from overseas.

Celebrating my sister’s 60th with my brother.

Mothers Day

Stormy weather at Avoca Beach

Cadel Evans winning the Tour de France.

Family Get-Together.


Celebrating my 59th birthday at Terrigal.

Visiting family at Christmas.