We have been getting drenched here on the coast but the weather man has promised us 5 days of some Sunny periods. Whoopie! I feel sad for all the people living inland New South Wales who are being inundated with flood waters. Avoca Beach Rock Shelf I had been out visiting friends when I came … More

I dropped into a local Salvo store on Friday to have a look to see if they had anything interesting,  and walked out with this large framed print –   The Loggers’ Teabreak by D’arcy W Doyle  for a bargain price of $30. I love it. The composition of the colours is superb.

My local council had a old paint tins and gas bottles drop off this morning. Very well organised, plenty of staff on hand giving easy to follow directions on way into depot, didn’t need to get out of the car as staff systematically went from car to car removing paint cans and tins, gas bottles, … More