Having a good day today, considering I was awake half the night. Ended up getting up at 1am, wandering around the house, restless, walked into the 3rd bedroom which was a mess, wandered out to the kitchen grabbed the roll of garbage bags … 2 hours later, 3 bags of old/unused clothing and general clutter accumulated. Photo albums returned to their plastic containers,  books returned to bookshelf in lounge, ironing board which I hadn’t used for a couple of weeks folded up and returned to its place behind the door.

First thing in the morning was a trip to the post office to send off a belated Christmas present which had been left behind on Christmas day. Then round to the Salvos store to drop off the bags of clothing/clutter. Then to pick up my roster as I am returning to work tomorrow, new roster not in box so home again and on the phone to office to find out roster for tomorrow and have the rest of week’s roster posted out to me. 

Tomorrow’s roster included a client I had already put in 2 separate hazard forms concerning her dog – aggressive, and had lunged at me 3 times when I was last in the house.  I asked the roster co-ordinator to put me through to the manager so I could have a ‘chat’ about why the client was still on my roster. The manager, a lovely lady who I have had previous chats with over this dog, immediately removed client from my roster and will go out and see the client herself as I had expressed my fears that the dog might turn on the client, herself.

During the conversation with the manager I bought up the matter of extra hours which I had requested in writing, some 6 months ago. She informed me she will be going through the request for extra hours within the next two weeks and was just waiting till the new year’s budget was decided. My request is now top of the pile with a big Urgent sticker on top, 🙂 we discussed how much work I could handle and settle on an extra 9 hours a week after I mentioned that my house needed new gutters but before they were replaced, trees to close to the house had to be removed. Before finishing the call the manager suggested I give her a ring in two weeks time as a reminder.

I am sitting here now thinking I should celebrate or something as I seem to have achieved more in the last 12 hours than I have in a long while. Maybe the 2 weeks break from work has energised me.

Bring on tomorrow.

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  1. My student's mum got a rescue Staffie cross about 18 months ago, who is fortunately a big softie. But one of Alex's nurses has been attacked before in someone's home when doing his district nurse duties, and he is wary – JJ pays a lot of attention when the nurse is doing things like trying to get Alex's arms in his coat (and Alex resists!) and it sometimes looks like he'll go to his master's defence.

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