I’m a little pissed off.
Apparently, its the Baby Boomers who are to blame for the debt crisis.
The BBs who were advised by their WW2/depression era parents
  • to save for a house as soon as they started work
  • to not buy that shiny new car but make do with a second hand car,
  • to pay more superannuation each pay day so they can retire early.
  • to save for the luxuries rather than get a loan.
Funnily, enough I seem to have had this same rant a couple of years ago.
No mention of self-funded retirees?
Anyone else getting a little tired of this?

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  1. As the child of very poor parents, I thought I'd done well to have a profession and a pension. If I hadn't been lucky enough to be eased out of a job and into early retirement by a mean headteacher, I'd have to wait to nearly 63 before I could take my teacher's pension (at a rate reduced by being early). As it is, I have to wait nearly 3 years longer to get my state pension. even though I'm 4 years past paying in what I need to qualify for it, and get no extra for continuing to pay, I have no choice but to do so. I don't get my free bus pass or free prescriptions till I'm nearly 63, whereas a couple of friends who turned 60 last year already have it all. So I'll be 6 years behind them, though only 3 years younger. we just didn't get the promised notice for this change, and I'm really pissed off about it.

  2. Too bad Americans didn't understand that social security was NEVER meant to be used to live on at retirement. Too bad many no longer teach their children to make their own way and not depend on the government for anything, not even school loans. Too bad people have gone generation to generation living on the dole without even trying to dig themselves out and pull themselves up. Too bad so many folks are just plain pitifully stupid. Too bad people don't know how to save but only that they have to have it RIGHT NOW. Too bad people think cell phones, cable and microwaves are a RIGHT and not a luxury.

    Just too bad.

  3. Too bad some people don't realise that the poor are not poor by choice, but are often trapped, and are out of work because there is none.

  4. I have a good tax agent who finds everything I can claim. I am a aged care field worker so its sunglasses, sunblock cream, sun hat, shoes, work uniform, travel mileage etc. Also as I am over 55 I get a age tax rebate because I am still working permanent part time. I think your female age pension plan is very similar to ours.

  5. Our retirement age is rising steadily. Until a year or two ago I thought I'd get my state pension and its perks at 60. They just gave us no time to prepare. Tax rebate for continuing to work sounds good. If only. As for claiming for stuff, most of what I buy for Alex I can't really even claim back from the hospital school.

    On the plus side, my DVD collection is now full of great stuff like a whole load of old horror movies that I wouldn't otherwise have bought.

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