Avoca Beach Clubhouse, today.
The Children’s Rock Pool
One lone surfer sits on the beach observing the waves
In the water are several surfers battling the unruly, churning waves.
We have had extreme torrential rain here on the Coast and it will continue until the weekend. Some areas are flooded and around Tuggerah Lake are sandbag stations to help householders keep the floodwater from entering their properties.

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  1. I have got a photo of myself in that rockpool,I was about 4 years old,we had land..the street was called The Round Drive,the council took the land back to build a school.I loved Avoca,I still remember all the Bellbirds that use to live in the trees in The Round Drive.

  2. I travel along The Round Drive at least twice a week to see elderly clients and pass the school dodging mothers, kids, bikes,cars and brightly attired school crossing guards. lol

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