The ceiling in my bedroom now has a hole in it as a result of the horrendous deluge of rain we have had these past two days in Sydney and the NSW Central Coast. More here
Thank goodness, I was in the lounge room on Twitter reading the Tweets from Ausblogcon2011 when I heard a thump sound, going to investigate I found my carpet and dressing table awash in water and bits of plaster which had fallen from the ceiling. Whoops!.
It looked like the gutters had not been able to handle the amount of water rushing into them and it had backwashed into the ceiling cavity. So calls to SES and my insurance company while trying not to stress (brief meltdown) but it looks like I will be off work tomorrow while I call in a roofer to check roof and plasterer to replace part of the ceiling.
The SES (State Emergency Service) came climbed up on the roof
– no broken tiles –
so cleaned out some of the guttering, no tarp to cover,
let me take their photos, packed up their truck and left.
I have edited this post and put my AusBlogCon2011 post on my other blog. Here

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  1. Hi Chris,
    Hysterics in the house,lol, life wasn't meant to be easy and it is only a small hole which can be repaired. Lots of local flooding but it should drain off pretty quickly.

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