I love Sydney in the Summer Time.
One of the festivals I hope to go to this summer is the
Sydney Festival 2011.
The opening day/night is tomorrow, Saturday 8th January
with free entertainment at Hyde Park 3pm until late.
Here is my post from 1/1/2010

Happy New Year to all my fellow Bloggers.
Now that has a nice sound to it.
Whatever, Fate has install for me, bring it on. I say.
I love a challenge.
Well, 2010 didn’t disappoint. I didn’t have a great year health-wise, nothing major wrong but didn’t feel 100% all year. I had dislocated my shoulder again, tummy upsets and general feeling of blech.
The end of the year made up for the previous months with my social life improving and I will be re-uniting with old friends at a BBQ this Sunday.

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  1. I hope your health is better in 2011, but I have to say that as we age, the feeling of never being quite right seems to be permanent!

  2. I have decided to grab 'getting older' by the scruff of the neck and give it a good shake-up. LOL. Well, thats the intention anyway.

    My bro,sis and bil + their friends have invited me to go with them to USA/Las Vegas at the end of the year. I will see how my saving goes, as there is no way I will go all that way without going to New York also.

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