Its 12.20am Tuesday morning and I’m up late watching the Commonwealth Games presently being held in Delhi, India.
commonwealth games Pictures, Images and Photos
Photo – photobucket
I should have gone to bed an hour ago but now watching the Women’s Water Diving Final, the Aussie girls are going quite well but a Malaysian girl has had a great final dive and just won the Gold medal
.. sorry .. too tired to take note of her name.
Sally Pearson, an Aussie, won the Hurdles Final
not sure how far she had to race but she had to hurdle 13 hurdles
… so do the math …
or was it 13 steps between each hurdle.
Oh well, Sally cleared without coming a cropper
… so all’s good.
Now the Men’s 3000m SteepleChase Final is on, not sure if I will see the end of this as I am falling asleep … Aussie didn’t win ( Awwww) but those wonderful Athletes from Kenya came 1st 2nd and 3rd. Well done, Kenya.
Oh! Great! the Pole Vault is on also the Aussie guy, Steve Hooker, is World Champ from the Olympics, World Cup etc etc etc.
Its now 1am.
Too tired off to bed and will record this session and watch tomorrow.
Stay tuned …

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  1. I'm not a great one for any kind of athletics, but diving was one of the sports options when I was at school, and we used to go to the olympic pool at Crystal Palace, where an olympic coach used to teach us. Unfortunately I was too scared to go above the 3 metre board! When there was a televised event coming up, we used to have to dive past the underwater windows to help them set up the cameras. It was quite exciting.

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