Two weeks ago I lent my neighbour from over the back fence my little Ryobi chainsaw to help prune some of his trees. We discussed thinning out the tree in my yard as he wanted to put in a vegetable garden on his side of the fence and my tree gave too much shade.

Last evening just before dark, my neighbour decided to prune the tree. Well, the first I heard was my dog Bailey having hysterics and barking his head off. Now, who in their right mind starts hacking at a tree in the dim light, I was absolutely flabbergasted, he couldn’t wait till the weekend. There was no way I was going to let him anywhere near my Ryobi , so I had to pretend not to hear Bailey’s yapping but after 15 minutes I had had enough and bellowed – “Shut up, Bailey”. I don’t know who got the bigger shock the neighbour(s), my dog or myself at the volume I was able to achieve. LOL.
I was thinking about this (out of character) reaction today, and realised it may have been the result of what had happen earlier in the day.
I had gone into a clients house and the first thing she showed me was the fencing guy repairing her back fence which her neighbour had back into and damaged, so she had a whinge about that and then mentioned her washing machine had been playing up and she would have to get her son to look at it.
Okay, so I head off to do some work in the house when I hear the machine running a little rough so I wander out to the laundry and find the client pulling some wet clothes out of the machine because it had stopped running.
Water is dripping on the floor and running under the machine and just as I arrive at the doorway the machine starts to spark, I try to get the client to come away from it but she is getting cranky with me because her machine is broken, wft. How I am to blame I have no idea.
Water is seeping towards the client so I check the floor and then reached over and grabbed the electricity cord and yanked it out of the wall socket. Honestly, you would think she would be thankful I stopped her from getting electrocuted but no, all I got was abuse. Later, after settling the client down I rang my supervisor and she is going to contact the client’s sons and have the client tested for dementia. Personally, I think she is just stressed and grieving as her husband passed away earlier this year.
I am glad this work week is finish as on top of my own hours, I picked up an extra 10 hours work.

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  1. What a scary situation!

    I remember finding my mother going to get a key cut for her flat (she couldn't have, it was a special key for her sheltered accommodation, and she didn't need one anyway). After I'd picked her up and taken her home, she took off her shoe and produced a £1 coin she'd hidden in there for safekeeping. Both sensible and bonkers at the same time.

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