Julia Gillard – Prime Minister
First Australian Female Prime Minister.
Nail biting result.
76 —-Labor and Greens Parties
74 – Liberal and National Parties
Watching press conference now. Gillard will form Government with support of Tony Windsor, Independent and Rob Oakeshott, Independent.
Central Coast Labor MPs
welcome return of Gillard Government.
Twitter Chatter

17 days of negotiation. No violence. No deaths. No injuries. No civil war. A new parliament decided. Not a bad system really. #ausvotes

3 thoughts on “

  1. The doom sayers reckon we will be heading back to the polls before Christmas.

    I hope those idiots (600,000) who lodged an informal vote get their act together and behave like level-headed adults next election.

  2. hi i am from india, saw Ms. Julia on Indian TV the whole of yesterday advising caution to australians for coming to India for the CWG. Came across as a soft spoken, sophisticated lady. Is she like that?

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