Broken branches in yard from strong winds.

I loaned a neighbour my little chain saw and he has hopped the fence and did the same for the branches in my yard plus a dead tree fern was cut down. Yay He then dragged the debris over to his front yard and it will be picked up by council.

We discussed a large tree which is hanging over our adjoining fence he has offered to come in and lop the branches that are pushing against the fence.

About Frances
Frances Sydney, Australia Compulsive Reader, Computer Enthusiast and Reluctant Gardener.

2 Responses to

  1. val says:

    My kind of neighbour. I used to have one just like it, but sadly he died.

  2. diane says:

    I heard that you had bad winds. They sure make a mess of the garden. Glad that you have a helpful neighbour.

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