Wow! Its been a while since I last posted. I’m presently sitting up watching a delayed telecast of the 2010 Emmys, loving all the lovely dresses worn by the ladies and Jon Stewart doing a great job of presenting, its moving along at quick pace.

Tomorrow afternoon, I head off to the doctors to find out the results of blood tests etc , hopefully I’ll find out why I’m getting stomach spasms this has been happening since the beginning of the year and am fully over it. Doctor said the good news is if it was stomach cancer I would be dead by now. WTF.
He gave me a referral to a gastrologist !! but wanted to get the results back before I book a appointment. I booked an appointment anyway and can not get in until November. :+[

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  1. That's a bit of a long time. There must be a lot of people with stomach problems. I was pretty pleased that my MRI scan appointment came through so quickly fo a non-emergency – just over a month.

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