Its after 11pm Friday and I am sitting up watching the Tour de France. Loving the overhead aerials of the cyclists, castles and farmlands of this stage of the Tour. The commentary is nearly as good as watching the race …lots of trivia.
My memories of this week has been rain, rain, rain … got soaking wet a couple of times running from a client house to my car … car heater got a work over. I don’t use an umbrella as when it gets wet it tends to fog up the car windows and leaves a damp smell in the car.

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  1. You've gone green!

    I've twice been in Paris at the time of the end of the Tour de France, and it was a major pain. The barriers alongside the roads, meant you couldn't cross over unless you could find a Metro station with exits on both sides.

    The Town Hall looked spectacular, though, when the reception was going on inside, with hundreds of bikes parked outside. Must have been pretty smelly inside…

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