Today arrived sunny and breezy, so like a flash I was up and the washing machine was in overtime, two loads are now on the clothesline outside flapping in the breeze. Lovely.
Then it was off to the local shops to buy some batteries for my flashlight, I have a LED torch that you only need to wind up to charge but I like to have a spare on hand. Picked up the Sunday papers which usually takes me most of the week to read, paid off a layby, bought some hair conditioner, pet food and a new dog blanket for the dogs bed (warm and cosy).
Listening to the weather channel giving update reports on the storm going through the south coast of New South Wales -a state in Australia-, 6,000 without power, shattered windows and roof damage. The storm is heading towards Sydney but hopefully it will have blown itself out by the time it heads further north.

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  1. Hope it's just a trickle by the time it gets to you.

    Your SUnday was even busier than mine – I went and got my hens!

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