I have a great weekend planned for the weekend
5th-6th June.
First, I will be in Sydney on Saturday 5th June to attend my son, Nicholas, birthday get-together at The Rocks. I will be only staying for the morning tea session as he and his friends plan to make it an all-dayer, as they all work different shifts, it makes it easier to organise.
I love The Rocks area its a great tourist spot
and there is always something happening there.


Sydney Film Festival 2010

I will be attending 3 films
at the Sydney Film Festival.

The first film, ‘The Last Train Home’
will be shown at the Dendy Opera Quays cinema
(The Opera Quays cinema is situated bottom right of picture.)

I have passed by the cinema countless times on my way
to the Sydney Opera House so when I was looking at the
program of films to see I thought what a great time to go.

My next 2 films will be shown at the
Event Cinema 9 in George Street.
The first session will be The New Tenants,
Winner of Best Live Action Short at the 2010 Academy Awards®,

to be followed by the documentary ‘Just Like Us’.

Director, Ahmed Ahmed sets out to break down barriers
with comedy,
by taking a group of US stand-up comics
(from a variety of backgrounds) on a tour of the Middle East.

2 thoughts on “

  1. You're going to see The New Tenants on the bog screen? Lucky you.

    Looking at the pictures of Sydney, it's not surprising that Oz has a huge carbon footprint per person!

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