I am currently reading a book called
It is the story of Miramax Sundance and the Rise of Independent Films.
Vincent D’Onofrio is to portray Harvey Weinstein
in the film of the book which is filming now.
On page 69, an exempt from the book
“Finesse was never part of Harvey’s arsenal. He tore phones out of walls and hurled them. He slammed doors and overturned tables. Almost anything within reach could become a weapon -ashtrays, books and tapes, …”
While I was reading this particular page
I remember a scene in LO:Criminal Intent
where the character Goren yells at his mentor Cage and another scene when Goren with a sweep of his arm sends the contents of his desktop clattering to the floor. I remember thinking how explosive those scenes were and how the ‘practice’ run will benefit D’onofrio’s portrayal of the Harvey Weinstein role.
At the 2010 Oscars, a movie called The New Tenants
won Best Short Film, Live Action.
Vincent played a character in it called Jan.

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