Hooray! I have finally finished with the physiotherapist after 4 months of therapy. I had an appointment with my doctor this morning and he gave me the all clear, after I left the surgery I rang the physio and cancelled my appointment for tomorrow.
Personally I think I have been ok for the last month but the physio insisted I needed more therapy but as I am not a contortionist I would not need to distort my body in weird and more wonderful positions. I’m done.

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  1. Congratulations!I have my next appointment tomorrow. Last weeks' was cancelled becasue the physio had the nerve to be sick!

  2. They couldn't pinpoint the exact problem eg- xray showed bursitis, . therapist thought it was a strained muscle and finally a locum – suggested I may have also dislocated it.The intense pain would come and go – frustrating. The Locum therapist found my shoulder had dropped and worked on strengthening and manipulating the muscles in the shoulder. The Therapist came back from hols and finally started proper exercises but the last month he seemed to be stretching it out to get more work – I was on Workers Comp Insurance (though I was still working) which paid for the therapy.Yesterdays visit to referring Doctor and I mentioned that I felt I didn't need anymore and the Doc signed the final certificate for me, back to full duties. Yay

  3. Nagging shoulder problems are not fun at all. It does sound like it's all taken care of though.Too many folks underestimate locums, they really know what they are doing!I wish my back had an easy fix, blech.

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