Finally, after battling a stomach bug for the last 2 weeks, that wasn’t responding to over the counter medication I went along to see the doctor yesterday. He thinks it may be just a stomach bug and has prescribed antibiotics, if after a week the tummy is still not behaving he will get me to … More

Yay! The jungle in the back yard has now been mowed and I can see the clothes-line. I knew it had been lurking out there somewhere and with my trusty mower was able to navigate a path (or twenty) so all was revealed. Mowing Joggers at Rest.

I have been unwell the last couple of days, not too impressed as I am rarely sick. On Saturday I went down to Sydney to visit my daughter, Natalie, she is due to have her first baby in 6 weeks time. It wasn’t until on the morning I hopped on the net to check the … More

Chat Roulette Funny Piano Improve Thanks to PianoChatImprov

News Item Crocodile tries to steal Catch of the Day

A busy Sunday, vacuuming, hanging new curtain rails and curtains, using a cat brush to get cat/dog fur out of the rug, shredding old bills and general cleaning up. Quiet day at work tomorrow so I will be tackling the yard when I get home from work.

KEN LEVINE is an Emmy winning writer/director/producer. This is the latest from his blog- Every year, English teachers from across the US can submit their collections of actual similes and metaphors found in high school essays. These excerpts are published each year to the amusementof teachers across the country. Here are last year’s winners: 1. … More