The JATWC has issued a tsunami alert, declaring a “potential tsunami threat” for Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island.
Beaches along the eastern seaboard of Australia were closed today because of the Earthquake in Chile and the resulting Tsanami that was thought may have some impact on the local beaches.
So while I was running errands today,
I went along to The Entrance Beach to take some photos.
The Entrance Beach
The Entrance Surf Club
Stairway to the beach
Beach closed due to Tsanami warning
as a result of Chile earthquake.
Lifesavers sitting around feeling bored, the beach is usually crowded on a Sunday morning. Lots of stickybeaks driving down to the Central Coast beaches but all they are seeing is flat surf – low tide.
My dogs have started to yap as there is some local thunder, we have had quite a few thunder/lightning storms this summer and the dogs and cat have become very jittery.

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  1. Fortunately it seems to have been a pretty small wave so far. I suppose aftershocks may be able to set off further problems, but my seismological knowledge isn't great.Best wishes to all of you over there on the east coast.

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