Friday has come around again.
Tomorrow, Saturday, I have to be up early to have my car serviced as its only 8 months old there going to do the deed while I wait. yay.
I am trying to update my 30yo kitchen on a budget. I picked up a kitchen planner charts from Bunnings the other week and between painting the pantry which is staying where it is and moving little piece of squares around on the chart. I hope to get an idea of how the finished kitchen will look.
This project is going to take some time as paying off my car doesn’t leave me much moolah left over for a ‘dream kitchen’ but I am going to persevere and hopefully I end up with something I will have fun cooking in.
I dropped into Ikea with my daughter a couple of months ago and liked their freestanding kitchen benches and cabinets but only because I like to move furniture around a room when I get bored with a layout, not sure if it would work with a kitchen. Ikea have a house planner you can download from their site so will have a bit of fun.
One thing I know I will be getting rid of will be the cooktop and separate wall oven such a waste of space and I think it will be easier to replace a free standing stove (in fact I know it does, because if I had only needed to replace a stove this kitchen would be already updated.) To get rid of the cooktop I’m having to remove the cabinet it resides in and the wall oven removal leaves a dirty great empty space in its pantry-size cabinet.
Decision, decisions…………………….
Update: I just went onto ebay and saw a free standing kitchen ..yuk.. back to the drawing board.

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  1. There must be a programme you can buy to help you with the design. I had one for my garden years ago, and I think you could already get house ones then.I have a ceramic hob, which is very practical. It's really easy to keep clean, and can double as extra worktop, too. My oven is underneath it in the same cabinet, so it doesn't take up more room than an all-in-one.

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