Friday has come around again. Tomorrow, Saturday, I have to be up early to have my car serviced as its only 8 months old there going to do the deed while I wait. yay. I am trying to update my 30yo kitchen on a budget. I picked up a kitchen planner charts from Bunnings the … More

This morning, Saturday, I bathed the dogs, Bailey and Kahlua, clipped their fur and filed their nails. This afternoon I mowed the lawns, pruned the shrubs and finally washed the car. I’m done.

Another Saturday has come around. Bailey and Kahlua have been washed, fur cut and nails clipped. Exciting Life. Now I only need the mower to start and my day will be complete.

I found this image on a site but lost the site name when my post on Saturday fluffed up, it came via a Twitter link. Persistence pays off. Yay..went back over my viewing history on Sunday found the site. which has some awesome wallpapers

Finally back in business. I haven’t been able to post for the last few days — as the posting box was on a loop and wouldn’t let me type. You see I updated the new editor as per instructions – How to enable the new editor To enable the new editor, first navigate to your … More