On Monday I dropped into Erina Fair,  on the way home from work to pick up some milk and bread. Naturally, I checked out the sales on offer before I ventured into Woolies, I had a little wander around the Myer store and I had a look at the Netbooks that were on sale, one particular one – a ASUS eee PC Seashell 1005PE  with 160GB  HHD  reduced from $499 down to $399 because it was a demo,  I checked to see what OS it had 
– XP was installed.

Not one to grab and buy. I rang my son to see what he thought not having any idea about Netbooks. He said it sounded a good deal, so went back to  have another chat with nice salesman and encountered his pushy co-worker

 – told him … no way –  I want my original salesman. 

Original salesman with beaming smile went to collect a new Netbook from stock, on returning he said he made a mistake! this one had a Win 7 Starter OS and 250GB HHD and he would give it to me for the same price. YAY. 

So far the Netbook has had pride of place on dining table, I have been so busy this week that I am waiting for the weekend to have a play..Woohoo. My desktop computer is 5 years old with XP so this will be a dream  to use, I plan on using it mainly for my family history research and saving all my family photos.

Don’t you just love New Year sales.

About Frances
Frances Sydney, Australia Compulsive Reader, Computer Enthusiast and Reluctant Gardener.

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  1. val says:

    Congratulations! One thing I love more than new gadgets is new gadgets at bargain prices.When I got my first digital camcorder, the shop manager had put the wrong camera and its description next to a much smaller price tag. When I bought it, they got a new one out which wasn't as good, so I took it back.That's when they noticed their mistake and gave me the one I had thought I was getting. It was hundreds of pounds cheaper!

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