My son Nick has such a quirky sense of humour ,
he has just posted this on his FB page.  lol

  “and so I should cook…

 I shall cook a meal greater than many meals.. 

a meal for MEN… hearty.. full of awesome and manlyness…

 to bring hairs to your chest and give you guns…

 a meal better than any meal you’ve had before…

 but who’s up for the challenge of this meal… 

to consume it is to prove your a man… 

but who is truly a man… 

none can be greater than the man that Creates this Meal..”

Nick and I have very similar sense of humour, our favourites shows were the radio broadcasts of The Goon Show with Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe, especially  the characters Jim and Minnie Bannister.

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  1. I loved Eccles and Bluebottle. If you go on YouTube you will find the sketch of Bluebottle asking Eccles the time. It is the most off-the-wall thing I've ever heard!

  2. BASRIC – My son is a great cook … when he moved out of home I missed his cooking …errr … I mean I missed my son. lolVAL – Jim and Min in an ep where he was upstairs and she downstairs – knock on front door -Min telling Jim to answer the door – sound of footsteps running down stairs – I think we calculated that the building was five stories high judging by the landings he ran across. LOL.

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