I bought myself a new mobile phone today, a Samsung Preston and have just spent 2 hours finding my way around the menu. Luckily I wrote down all my contacts before I upgraded as some I had entered straight into mobile rather then write it in address book!.   
I had my old mobile 5 yrs …my son keeps losing his phones. ..
AWESOME… Mum 1, Son 3 …  ROTFL.

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  1. I have no idea how and where tings save, but when I changed to a new provider, with a new SIM card, I got the person in the shop to make sure everything was where it should be.I won't buy another phone till this one breaks, even though I long for a new gadget, 'cos too much damage is done to the African jungle and making gorillas homeless to get the coltran they need to make the new phones.

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