I’m a proud member of the Baby Boomers generation but I am curious to know how many blog sites are written by baby boomers. I think BBs are in the 48-65 age group.  I  love the diversity of the blog content on the Internet. Lots of mummy, craft, knitting and photo blogs but I can’t find … More

Twitter Chatter NASA – International Space Station tracking Lots of folks asking where we are, what we see right now. Go here to find us – http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/realdata/tracking/index.html Roll your mouse over the Space Station on map  and it will show you who is currently aboard SS.This is FUNThis NASA site enables you to see the … More

Haiti Appeal Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Kevin Rudd PMis on Twitter His posts today, Saturday, 23 January, 2010. KevinRuddPM – Many people asking about the total tragedy in Haiti. Oz has already announced $15 million in assistance and public giving generously. KRudd KevinRuddPM – Today the Americans asked us for a team of military air traffic controllers to … More

Today,my son Michael is at the 100th Big Day Outmusic festival in Sydney. (www.novafm.com.au BDO photo gallery) It is very hot in Sydney today,  Twitter posts from the festival say 40C (100F+).My Weather Pixie on blog reads 41C at 3pm

Having a quiet day at home today -It’s Hot- Mid 30Cs inside and will get hotter as the day goes on. Unfortunately, chilled air via air con make my bones ache, luckily I don’t mind the heat, so I grin and bear it. I have only ventured out to put some towels to dry on … More