My son Michael dropped over in the afternoon and is returning on Monday to dismantle the shed for me. LOL. Naturally with my sore shoulder I couldn’t possibly do it myself and considering I have been trying to catch up with him for the past couple of weeks … it was meant to be.
In the morning I had been going through my linen closet getting rid of all the extra sheets, blankets etc that accumulate over the years and of which you never use. Michael left last night with a big bag of ‘stuff’ and if he can’t use than will hand over to his friends ; ).
I find that more and more I am handing over my extra things to people I know that need/want them because I found the charity stores (that are manned by volunteer staff) are sometimes selling clothes/linen for nearly as much as you would pay in a St Vinnes. You can still get a bargain at the Salvos stores =:-).

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  1. I'm gradually digging out books I no longer want (I have a couple of thousand, but only about a couple of dozen I won't keep) and handing them over to the mother of the boy I teach who has ALD. The support group has a charity shop.

  2. I think donating to your friends and family is the way to go too. Here I discovered the local 'charity' store employees were going through donations and taking their choice of donations.I cleaned out my linens and towels–put out all my good stuff I was saving for what I don't know and had my daughter haul the rest to her dorm to distribute among her friends.Did the same when I cleaned out storage and had extra furniture. Some were too big so sat it at the street and it was gone by night fall by passerbys.Hope your shoulder's better, nice to have a strong son to help you.

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